It all started with an idea: to bring art and recycling together, although by default they’re opposites. If we consider that art consists of original creation, we’ll give you 4 hours to think about it 😉 And since our mission is to help our customers give a second life to waste, then…

It all happened thanks to an initiative by the Parc Industriel de la Plaine de l’Ain (PIPA), where we’re based, which created the PIPA’RT challenge. The idea was to select 15 shots taken by a professional photographer, Guillaume Martial, in the area’s companies, on the theme of “corps de mĂ©tier(s)”, showing an artistic view of men and women in the exercise of their profession.

And the winner is… Or rather, which of the selected companies made it to the roll of honour? 1.08 RECYCLAGE, of course, one of whose photos was among the 15 finalists.

We’re very proud of this photo, both for the strength it exudes, and for the precision of the gesture we can make out in front of the imposing mass of plastic waste about to enter our recycling process.

You can find this photo in an exhibition at the PIPA reception desk. Our thanks go to our team, to the talented Guillaume Martial, and to the PIPA team for this initiative, which shows the hidden beauty of industry!