We recycle!

Sink-float separation, triboelectricity and extrusion

Discover our know-how, which is opening up new possibilities in plastic scraps recycling.

We recruit!

In service since 2021, our plant is expanding to increase capacity and process the constantly growing volume of plastic scraps that our customers entrusts to us.

To support our growth, we regularly seek candidates, with or without experience, wishing to pursue a career with a future and take on responsibilities in a company that has many plans in the pipeline.


Let's recycle, here and now!

Part of the General Industries group, specialised since 1987 in recycling plastic scraps, 1.08 Recyclage is one of the first plants in France to be able to process plastic scraps that was previously unrecoverable, on a single site, thus generating significant CO2 savings.

Thanks to the exclusive process that we have developed in our plant and a steadily increasing industrial capacity, this plastic scraps is becoming a raw material again!


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2.5 T/h

current rate of regenerated pellet production

99 %

degree of purity of produced pellets

A solid group, at the heart of industrial and regulatory issues

1.08 Recyclage is the industrial branch of a group serving national and international companies with which we have maintained relationships of trust for 35 years.

In 2021, the Basel Convention banned the export of plastic scraps outside of the EU. The creation of the first 1.08 Recyclage plant in the Lyon area by the General Industries group is a response to this regulatory issue, as well as to the vital need to provide new solutions to the industrial approach to plastic scraps.



Environmental impact – first half of 2024

The first half of 2024 is over, the time has come to take stock of our impact on the environment.
Despite a very difficult economic context in the field of recycling and plastics processing, GENERAL INDUSTRIES via its production subsidiary 1.08 RECYCLAGE has processed more than 7,000 tonnes of incoming materials mix at its BLYES industrial site.

All at F.I.P.!

For several years now, France Innovation Plasturgie (F.I.P.) has been organizing a trade show bringing together nearly 100 professionals from the plastics, composites and rubbers sectors, bringing together major industrial challenges that present technological innovations affecting extremely varied fields.

Sustainable development implies sustainability

Here’s the paradox: on the one hand, a general awareness and encouragement to develop an efficient, viable industrial sector to recycle plastics of all kinds, including WEEE, and enter an increasingly circular and virtuous economy. On the other, a free pass given to virgin materials from the ends of the earth, produced at very low cost and in opaque conditions, in complete contradiction to the guidelines set out by our institutions.

Two new certificates: RECYCLASS and GPI!

A double coup for 1.08 RECYCLAGE, with two new certifications obtained this autumn.
Chronologically, the first certification is RECYCLASS. This renowned European label attests to the relevance of our post-consumer plastics recycling processes. All our procedures have been declared compliant to ensure the traceability of plastic waste incorporated into our production, from sourcing to regeneration.