The future starts here!

The future of the planet, of your children, and also your own!
It’s all happening rather quickly at 1.08 Recyclage. We began by recycling a building, a former plastic bottle blow moulding factory. What could be more natural for a recycling specialist? It took only 12 months from the purchase of the building for the machines to be installed and production to start!

Our first employee started their contract at the end of 2019. We expect to have around 60 employees by the end of 2023, once we have completed the construction commissioning of all production lines.

Our future will be both ecological and economical. Ecological because offering solutions to reduce plastic scraps is a matter of urgency. And economical because our industrial customers have a vital need for recycled plastics to integrate into their production, to comply with regulations, their customers’ and consumers’ expectations and their CSR commitments.

At the intersection of these issues, 1.08 Recyclage operates the only production unit of its kind in France, which will continue its growth to meet market needs.

Give meaning to your work!

Processing scraps is a craft, because it is essential to constantly monitor everything due to the assortment of products in our production cycle and the diversity of finished products that leave our plant.

In joining 1.08 Recyclage, you will become part of a modestly sized company where everyone knows everyone! We quickly give responsibility to the people who join us. Aside from training and level of experience, we are looking for people who are motivated and able to be autonomous and work in a team, with rigour and enthusiasm!

The company’s future strong development will quickly create new opportunities, not only to be part of the team, but also to grow with it. You can become part of this wonderful adventure today, in an industrial setting that we are building together.

Our jobs

Our development leads us to regularly create new jobs. Here are a few examples of the opportunities we regularly offer to start your adventure with 1.08 Recyclage:

Operator: In the workshop, the operator is responsible for ensuring that sorting and production operations run smoothly and that the line is working properly. They are also in charge of loading materials, operating equipment and carrying out handling tasks, while also ensuring the workstation is kept clean and following safety, hygiene and environmental rules.

Line Operator: They ensure the smooth running of a float-sink separation line and a dry separation line for mixed polymers. Their role also involves monitoring first-level maintenance, product quality and line throughput. The line operator reports any malfunctions or breakdowns to the maintenance division and fills in quality monitoring documents.

Other production jobs and support roles: we have regular recruitment campaigns to support the growth of our production site. Team leaders, maintenance technicians, quality, logistics and administration roles, etc. Check out our job vacancies regularly, or send us a speculative application, which we will happily study with care.


Our job vacancies


The role

  • Conducting and closely monitoring production operations on sorting facilities.
  • Being in charge of loading materials, operating the equipment, monitoring operations and handling.
  • Being responsible for the cleanliness of the workstation and ensuring that safety, health and environmental instructions are followed at all times.
  • Ensuring that the line is working properly.
  • Being responsible for the traceability of flows.


Some experience in industry or a higher secondary education level qualification would be a plus.


The role

  • Carrying out electrical and mechanical repair of equipment in the production workshop.
  • Maintaining and servicing equipment.
  • Taking part in system improvement or optimisation projects.
  • Carrying out building maintenance.
  • Reading engineering drawings.
  • Daytime hours


3 years of similar experience on a production line.