A double coup for 1.08 RECYCLAGE, with two new certifications obtained this autumn.

Chronologically, the first certification is RECYCLASS. This renowned European label attests to the relevance of our post-consumer plastics recycling processes. All our procedures have been declared compliant to ensure the traceability of plastic waste incorporated into our production, from sourcing to regeneration.

Then came GPI certification, confirming our compliance on the subject of non-rejection of plastic granules into the environment, in application of Decree No. 2021-461 of April 16, 2021. This requires manufacturers to install equipment to prevent the discharge of granules into the environment via pipes. To this end, manufacturers are required to set up effective containment and recovery systems for the types of granules present on their site.

Over and above the need for industrial compliance, which lies at the heart of our commitments, these measures unite our entire team in the collective control of the risks of accidental environmental pollution, and in the optimization of our production processes.

Because meeting the challenges of post-consumer WEEE recycling is a matter of high precision!

Pic by Pete Linforth & Pixabay