At the beginning of this year, 1.08 RECYCLAGE joined POLYMERIS, the competitiveness cluster for rubber, plastics and composites.

POLYMERIS federates 280 French industrial companies, committed to digital and ecological transition activities, with a “core business” section dealing with mechanical recycling and scrap valorization.

By integrating this very dynamic network, 1.08 RECYCLAGE positions itself alongside industrialists working to find solutions together for a virtuous industry, using less energy, recycling its waste, and ultimately developing a new approach to their businesses. No less than 60 projects are currently underway within the POLYMERIS framework, in France and abroad, both R&D and industrialization projects, carried out in consortia formed on a customized basis.

In terms of R&D, participation in this network should also enable us to continue to make progress in the search for optimization of our processes, through exchanges and meetings with other companies that, like us, are committed to a responsible and innovative industry.

Whether in terms of visibility, technology, or meetings, this membership in POLYMERIS allows 1.08 RECYCLAGE to continue its international development, on projects and issues related to plastics recycling. And only a few days after joining POLYMERIS, 1.08 RECYCLAGE has already received some interesting first contacts! To be continued…