18 months! Only 18 months have passed between the delivery of the first production line at the end of 2021 and the commissioning of our third unit this spring. This last unit reaches a capacity of 1.7 T/hour, and is the culmination of the extrusion area of our plant, which now has a total capacity of 4 T/hour with this last installation. This makes 1.08 RECYCLAGE one of the main French actors in WEEE recycling, in record time!

This success is a collective one, the work of all our collaborators who have been present since the beginning. It would not have been possible without the precious help of the ADEME, which from the beginning believed in our project and in our teams, within the framework of the ORPLAST Regeneration program. Our relationship with ADEME is a long term one, as we will be submitting a new ORMAT application in the next few days in order to extend our common ambitions! 1.08 RECYCLING opens new perspectives for industrial actors by allowing them to integrate recycled materials into their production.

Today, with a unique industrial tool, at the cutting edge of innovation, our factory is for example able to recycle the plastic contained in 10,000 coffee makers, in one hour.

What else? Why don’t we talk about it over a cup of coffee and show you around our plant?