The date is coming up: in 2023, the Global Recycling Day takes place on March 18. On this occasion, many initiatives are being launched or developed year after year, such as Digital Cleanup Day.

The idea is to make companies, organizations and communities aware of the challenges of recycling digital devices, in order to give a second life to equipment they no longer use. In 2022, several tons of equipment were collected, allowing the organization of recycling operations.

This day of March 18 allows to (re)give information related to the stakes of recycling, on the environmental but also human and economic aspects, in line with the objective of rate of collecting to reach, 65%, fixed by the State.

Apart from the March 18th D-day, solutions to collect your electrical and electronic equipment exist, both for individuals and companies. All year round !

For example, let’s mention Qui veut mes déchets (who wants my scrap) (, managed by our partner ECOSYSTEM, a platform that puts professional holders of waste electrical equipment in contact with referenced collection and recycling service providers. Or another platform, , set up by another of our partners, ECOLOGIC. ECOLOGIC also offers a free recycling station reserved for companies, WEeeTri, which can be obtained on this site. This platform also allows the efficient collection of WEEE waste, which can then end their first life in our 1.08 RECYCLAGE factory in Blyes. This scrap is then part of our annual production of 15,000 tons of regenerated pellets, which you will soon find in your day-to-day objects.

The solutions exist and continue to develop, with the aim of achieving collecting levels that meet the environmental and industrial challenges.

It is up to all of us to contribute to this essential shift. Because every action counts. Every day !


Photo from Eric Rothermel on Unsplash