In line with the responsibilities concerning guarantees to be provided relating to the quality of the decontamination and the traceability of downstream sectors, the company called ecosystem measured the performance of our sorting process on the site of 1.08 Recyclage in Blyes to check the effectiveness of the separation of brominated plastics in the small domestic appliance streams.

These process effectiveness measurements were conducted according to the appropriate protocol (in accordance with standard 50625-1 and TS 50625-3-1). The summary of the results regarding plastic from small domestic appliances, obtained through the sampling carried out on 10 February 2022, shows that the samples taken from the batches of non-brominated plastics analysed have a bromine content well below 2,000 ppm, ranging from a maximum of 215 ppm for PP/PE to a minimum of 158 ppm for ABS/PS.

We would also like to note that according to laboratory analyses, the brominated plastics should not be considered as POPs because the sum of the 5 PBDE POPs and the concentration in HBCDD are below their respective thresholds set down by the POPs regulation. The results obtained therefore present satisfactory conclusions.