In its constant quest for innovation, 1.08 RECYCLAGE brings to market new PS and ABS references that open up new prospects for our industrial customers. For some months now, our PS and ABS ranges have included white products. Please don’t take this as a fashion statement, but as proof of our ability to reproduce a white recycled plastic from 100% post-consumer waste in France!

So, our white PS is a Choc-quality polystyrene, injection grade and extrusion grade, with 150-micron filtration.

The ramp-up of our production lines has taken us to a current rate of 200 tons per month of white PS. This is enough to supply several European industrial customers who produce furniture parts, office tools, junction boxes, etc.

Our white ABS also comes from the collection of French PAM (Petits Appareils Ménagers), and its production requires no colorants or additives – another great step forward in recent weeks!

Would you like to incorporate recycled plastic from France into your next production runs, with a perfect, even white color? Let’s have a word!